Zakat Calculator

Zakat calculator

The best and simplest approach to satisfy your commitment of paying Zakat online is to utilize our Zakat calculator to work out the amount you need to pay.

The measure of Zakat to be paid depends on the Nisaab, the limit or least measure of riches a Muslim must have before Zakat ends up payable. While the estimation of qualified products and things can differ consistently, Zakat depends on the Nisaab toward the finish of the person’s full Islamic (lunar) year.

Assets to consider for Zakat calculation

  • Cash (in hand, in bank accounts or money lent to someone), shares, pensions, value of crops, money from property investment and gold and silver.
  • Personal items (your home, furniture, cars, food, clothing) are not included in Nisaab. Zakat can be paid as a full sum or regular monthly payments.

Use our Zakat calculator to find out how much Zakat you have to pay.