Be smart with your Zakat Make your charity work!

Why don’t we try something different this Ramadan while doing zakat?

Every year millions of people do their zakat (donation) in Ramadan as a voluntary activity. With the great intention of helping people and earning good deeds, you also wanted to do it properly.

People always wanted to be smart on where they donate and how it gets impacted, Through the advancement in technology, we have got very creative platforms from US to Asia with supporting various causes! And am a big fan of it, so I thought of writing this article to share the different smart platforms which have made my job easier and smarter. Why?

  1. Only once I plan how much I need to zakat this Ramadan
  2. Split the money on local, international and different causes
  3. Then go to the different platform mentioned below to set up one-time setup which they will automatically do for the rest of Ramadan
  4. Daily get an update of where your zakat has been donated and see the impact!
  5.  Saves times, transparent impact, supporting different causes

Solution to fundamental problems and infrastructure to the very underprivileged people, part of Ethis family shariah based crowdfunding solutions is recently launched this with support from Malaysia based “bank Islam” and Islamic development bank. These banks work with Multiple established non-profit organization, so if you are someone who wants to focus on fundamental things, this will be a great fit.

How to Zakat online this Ramadan?
How to Zakat online this Ramadan?

Things you can do:
1. If you have daily, weekly or monthly Budget, you can select that options to do a one time deposit. Then they will automate on donating to different campaigns according to the need
2. Else you can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive about the newly launched campaign where you can do your zakat as you prefer
3. If you don’t have money, but still just want to support, you could support by visiting this link to find promotional materials to spread the cause on whichever the way you want

Smart Donation and Zakat online this Ramadan
Smart Donation and Zakat online this Ramadan

To share one of the main cause they are working on is with “Alliance fighting avoidable blindness”(AFAB group) where they are providing treatment for 200,000 children who have blindness which surgery cost just $30 to give a light to their life!

Supporting innovative ideas from Muslims all over the world has its name for its Creative and incredible solutions as it trying to support where the next Creative Muslims can be empowered and support the ummah to the next level. Last year it has raised 1.2million where people from different parts of the world supported the campaigns across the different continent as well. Insha Allah Same will be this year as well

Things you can do if you want to do smart zakat
1. Join their Ramadan challenge and submit your details for once for them to make the decisions
2. Open an account and receive Every few days a email about new campaigns and support one by one as you prefer

Launchgood ramadan Challenge
Launchgood ramadan Challenge


Isn’t it so easy for us to help? I will leave it to guys to help all the problems people are facing whether it is fundamental or creative.

So this Ramadan, we got and to do zakat easily and smartly!

Supporting educational Scholarship across Malaysia and singapore

The Big Community Scholarship Fundraiser
This is a fundraiser to create a scholarship fund of RM1,000,000 to make higher education accessible to students from less-privileged backgrounds. Seeking 100,000 people to pledge RM10!
 Skolafund charity program


You’re a busy adult. Before you read on further, here’s some ways to know if you’re the type of person who this campaign is for. Keep reading if you’re the kind of person who:

  • when the makcik selling keropok comes to your table, you never turn her away.
  • when a tweet or FB post of a person truly in need comes up on your newsfeed, you’ll share it to every single one of your family and friends.
  • when you find out a friend doesn’t have enough money for lunch, you’ll secretly belanja him a meal.

And if you’re still reading this, welcome! You are the type of person who believes that small actions done with great heart can have great consequences.

This campaign is for you: the everyday, friendly, neighbourhood Malaysian. And there are thousands of you out there; we know because we’ve met so many of you already.

Visit this site:

Other famous zakat platforms are

  3. UNHCR


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