Why do you need to support Globalsadaqah initiative to help 20,000 Children?

Why you need to support?

  1. Problems the children face (short Story, facts)
  2. Solution we are trying to provide
  3. A brief about it

How they can share can help us?

  1. You can post this stories using the materials we have for Facebook & Instagram (Images, videos available for you )  ( Video upoad)
  2.  A simple Facebook Frames can be used to updated in your profiles and facebook pages
  3. Infographics if you want to share in your website and Linkedin
  4. For Bloggers, Media Portals > You can find the PR newsletter and organised contents
  5. If you are located in Singapore or malaysia, We can send you pamphlets which you can use it in your offline stores
  6. For more awareness, you can use also our AFAB challenge assets


What you will get out of it?

We will be pleased to share the list of individuals and organisations who supported and pledged to spread this cause.

You will also have a leaderboard to track how much of your shares has been impacted to get new users

You can have free Tshirts if you have got good number of referrals